Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We've Been Great!

This week has been so good! We've managed to get a few things done around the house. We got our garden in, flower pots STUFFED, weeds pulled, and the grass mowed. We have a couple dump truck loads of bark on there way, so if you are bored, come on over and we'll get you a rake! Ha Ha

We sold our lot in Cottonwood Hills, and Ash has been asking why we haven't been swimming, so that has made her a bit bored! We have a pool being built in our neighborhood around the corner, so when that is up and running, we'll be able to swim some more!

Overall, a good week! School is out next week! Hooray! Too bad it is raining today! Makes me feel like summer is a LONG ways off! We had 90 degree temps. yesterday, and 50 degrees today! WELCOME TO IDAHO!

Miss you all who are far away, and we look forward to some serious camping and fishing trips so call us up and we'll go!


jess said...

Hey you! So glad to see you've joined us in the blogging world! Your pics are super cute!! I can't wait to see you all again!- Can I put a link to your blog on our blog? Check us out

Our Family said...

Your blog looks great! I am glad that you sent it out. When I sent mine it just had one picture and a few blogs. I am very impresed how you have already did all of you yours. Keri